The People’s Work No More

It is a sad reality that if I cannot perform the job my boss hired me to do then I get fired.   It is an even sadder reality that if that were to take place, that the job market is so lacking right now that trying to find a job would be extremely difficult-unless you are a member of Congress.

If I were a member of Congress I could lie, cheat, vote my way out of the same issues that face my boss, and defy my boss left and right and to his face not live up to the potential he expected of me when he felt it was good for his company to hire me.  A private sector employee with that track record would need the welfare state to have any chance at an income because they would be a lifetime employment risk, however, if you get voted into Congress, you have the opportunity to use the welfare state as a your foundation for long term employment.  It seems so paradoxical and yet it is a reality. The recent government shutdown only shutdown about 15% of the government and yet it seemed to bring the world to its knees in terms of political theatre.  Reality is that the administration could have funded the debt all along and the Senate could have passed a budget in the past 1000+ days, or whatever it is now, instead of dragging all these political hotcakes into each and every debt limit debate that takes place almost quarterly now.

The Continuing Resolutions are unconstitutional and so is defaulting on the debt so what is the issue here?

The issue, unfortunately, is that the American People have finally been elevated to pin cushion status as the United States has become a Banana Republic at long last.

Where is Woody Allen when you need him?


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