Moral Compass with No Magnet

As the wind chill drops down to 19 degrees and as we descend into negative numbers tonight in this Global Warming environment, I just witnessed my neighbor as she zipped passed my wife and I as we walked our dogs on a side street covered in refrozen slush and black ice with no regard for any danger that could impose itself at any second in these conditions.  If you don’t think so, just watch the news for 15 minutes and see for yourself that it only takes a second for conditions to go south.  Ferguson, Missouri is one example of how quickly things change but it is not the only one.  It is simply forever a reminder of how as people we have lost our way.

The movement to the “I” society has been building ever since the 60’s when everything that a person didn’t like was fair game to be challenged as unfair.  It accelerated after Desert Storm as our citizens saw the might of our country and became complacent; we then began to witness a foreign policy that became a mix of diversions and the good depending on who was looking at it.  The problem is that our foreign policy can’t be about diversion and deception depending who is in the White House.

We are witnessing power being taken for granted and used to right perceived wrongs instead of being used to correct right from wrong.  The current policy is very extremist sympathetic and not just towards the middle east where the storm is gaining strength.  If one takes an unbiased look around the globe, we see corruption and social disruption everywhere.  North America, South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia are all exhibiting the same behavior:  government leaders obfuscating with words to keep their power while those who seek power by force are closing the gap.

Words only matter when civilized people are disagreeing and the United States, for one, is losing its civilized tone as the political parties pander to money and throw out those in need by offering them a check for their vote and their silence.  The new hate list is white america but the new list for expendables is black america as the first black president and the congress conflate words to move the new blacks to the front and move the old blacks further into the shadows.  This is a power play that has taken place throughout time, but we are seeing our end result play out in Europe right now.

A recent article in the UK exposed how the city of Birmingham had created an auction program to auction of those in need of health care-especially those who were disabled or the very senior and one would expect the non-ambulatory.  One lady cited it as “despicable” and it is but I see it as a late life abortion where those in most need will be relegated to auction status.  Soylent Green comes to mind. When you add beheadings in the streets of the UK and cafe shootings in Paris on unarmed cops and shootings in Copenhagen one realizes very quickly that political correctness has not worked.

This is just the beginning and what we are witness to in real-time is the moral compass that has lost its magnet.  The United States has abdicated its role in the world as the one country people could seek shelter and help from and now we are the Scout Master in the back watching as the bear attacks the scouts.  If it is not so apparent please turn your eyes to Exhibit A, Italy, who really has no standing army to defend itself and has ISIS eyeballing it from across the Mediterranean Ocean from a mere 110 miles or so as Italy calls on Europe to come and defend it.  What a pitiful situation.

The United States has always been the country and the force that was considered Magnetic North for the world as we as people (some of us that is) believe that others should have the right to what we have-not necessarily here but in their own country and we were always willing to fight for the right for others to have their own self-determination. However, the morass of progressivism and liberal greed has manifested itself into a movement far more deadly than any we have seen before.  From the end of the Vietnam War until now we have had the ability to punish people militarily but  the odds are leveling out because of our so-called unwillingness to fight a prolonged war.  I didn’t agree with President George Bush much, but I did agree with him that evil needs to be confronted and the current President has no desire to do so.  When we are having an Extremist Summit and Extremists from within our own borders are invited to it one gets the feeling we are watching the modern-day deployment of the Trojan Horse.

And we drift with a moral compass that has no magnet and we have no idea of the end result.  I am willing to bet the end game is a violent one we didn’t want.  I for one am for a protracted fight.


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